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Saturday July 21, 2007


Day 48 - Lake Oconee (Greensboro, GA) to Dublin, GA 95 miles, 6:05

Meet Bob Dickson of BobDickson.com Consulting, a total computer solutions and IT firm in Greensboro, GA. Thanks to Bob, we are finally able to update these pages again. You see, Bob is a Christian who wanted to help. So, when he determined that our laptop  (you may remember the one we had repaired a week ago in Nashville) was probably history, he just let us borrow his. "Just ship it back to me when you're done," he said. Thanks Bob. You are awesome! Bob can be reached at bob@bobdickson.com or (706) 453-0402.

Thanks also to Jennifer Wofford with Oconee Wireless, Inc., the Verizon Wireless store for Reynolds Plantation and the Lake Oconee area south of Greensboro. When we discovered that my Verizon broadband card was too old fashioned for Bob's really cool laptop, Jennifer, like Bob, just let us use her card to finish up the trip! Thanks so much Jennifer. Please contact her at (706) 318-3449.

We'll be shipping both packages back to y'all next Thursday and thank you for allowing God to work His favor through you.

The incredible favor of God continues to be so evident to us in the way He is there to place the right people in our lives at exactly the right moment. The right directions, the right equipment, the right person to witness to, the right person to learn from... it's all His, and all in His exact timing, if we will only allow Him to work in us.

Our simply outstanding morning continued as we were able to connect by phone with Pastor Rick Mitchell and his wife Deb of the First United Methodist Church in Dublin. After the ride, we met with them at Dairy Queen, of course. We were honored to learn about their ministry and will be worshipping with them tomorrow.

As for today, the ride this morning began on Lake Oconee south of Greensboro. And as we do every day, we give the day to the Lord in prayer and head out for a great ride. Our intention is to start a conversation about Jesus with as many people as we can. And today was that special kind a day.

The route was south on Lake Oconee toward Eatonton, where we missed a turn and used the blunder to pull into a local church. As God would have it, our missed turn resulted in us meeting these women (above). They were downstairs preparing for a wedding shower. They shared a smile and some of their pizza with us. They prayed with us and sent us on our way - with the right directions.

Our next stop was in Milledgeville at the Oconee Outfitters bicycle and outdoor shop, where Winston was thankful for a couple of rear wheel and hub adjustments. We thanked our brother Lindsey Hodges for the help. We prayed with him and headed on for Dublin down a very hilly Hwy 112.

That's where we met these guys (L) just hanging outside their home out in the country. We were glad to share with them about our mission. They shared some much needed water with us and we thanked them sincerely. The other guy (r), is a mannequin, oddly seated in an old Model T or something. We thought it would make a funny picture. So here you have it.

It was a day of many stops and starts, and while the day on the bike seemed really long from start to finish, we were surprised to see after all that, we had completed 95 miles in just over six hours. After a great dinner at the Dairy Queen with Pastor Rick and Deb and their two girls, Chris and I actually rode back to the hotel in the dark. We had so much fun, all the pot holes and gutters were worth it.


That's actually the thought for the day: gutters.

Often, we ride in the shoulders. Some are narrow, some are wide. But in town, many times, there is no shoulder and we have to ride out in the street. Well, when a really loud, monster-sounding thing starts barrelling down on you, you tend to move over instinctively. You ride in the gutter.

So today, I looked down and saw a penny. I turned around as I had a few time previous during this tour and picked it up. It was almost destroyed and virtually indistinguishable.

Later in the ride, I found some more money in a busy intersection. It was also pretty beat up. I think it was a nickel. Two more pennies later and I had a theme. While these coins were blemished and lost or discarded, I could still use them to purchase something if I wanted too. They still have value.

That's the way Christ views us when we're in the gutter of life. He sees all our blemishes, but sees right through them. He sees the value we have a children of God, and He redeems us to the Father through His sacrifice on the cross.

Christ didn't look in temples for souls to save, he went into the gutters to heal the sick and save the lost.

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