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Sunday June 24, 2007

Day 21 - Worship in Steamboat Springs CO

In three of the four Gospels, Jesus ate the last supper with the disciples and broke bread and poured wine to represent His body and His blood.

"But in the Gospel of John," said Associate Pastor Tim Selby of Steamboat Springs United Methodist, "Jesus got on His knees and washed the discliples' feet."

The message came in a 9:30 a.m. service geared to celebrate the return of their youth misson team that recently served in Guatemala (pictured below).

Jesus modeled for the disciples the way that we are to serve each other, and Pastor Tim wanted to cast that type of light onto the mission team and their accomplishments.

Each member of the team got to share their special moments with a proud congregation. It was a special type of service that we were really blessed to participate in.

After the service, we spoke with Lay Leader Joan Ihreg, who shed some light on how the local churches in Steamboat are reaching into the tough places in their community.

She mentioned a group calld Lift Up, whose director, cooincidentally, was just appointed a Deacon and is a former lay leader and current member of Steamboat United Methodist.

Her name is Pam Graham, and her work with Lift Up has created a central connection point for services being provided to the lost and the suffering in Steamboat.

Fom Google:

Lift-Up of Routt County
2125 Curve Court · Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 870-0727 · Fax: (970) 870-1935

Lift-Up's mission is Life's Inter-Faith Team against Unemployment and Poverty, founded upon the Judaeo-Christian tradition of ministry to those in need, with the vision and goal of providing temporary charitable assistance to meet basic human needs and promote self-reliance.

To accomplish the above mission Lift-Up carries out the Emergency Assistance and Food Bank Program at the Lift-Up Food Bank in Steamboat, at the South Routt Food Bank in Oak Creek, and at the Emergency Assistance Office in Hayden. Food, clothing, shelter, utility assistance, dental, medical and prescription help is available to those who qualify.

Lift-Up also offers the Thrift Store Program, available to anyone to purchase quality, inexpensive material commodities. Lift-Up receives gently-used donated items.

Christ aCross America is so blessed to have encountered Pastor Tim and the youth mission team, and Joan and Pam. We pray to God for their continuing ministry that people will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

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