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Tuesday June 12, 2007



Day 9 - Paradise MT (Hwy 135 & 200) to Missoula, 57.5 miles

Today's ride started in Paradise MT and followed the MT200 into Missoula. The sun was really bright and for the first time in this entire trip, I had to break out the sun block. And for another first, I had to deal with some full-on Montana head winds.

Thanks to some extra miles yesterday, the ride was a short 57 miles, as we prepare tomorrow to begin our route on the Adventue Cycling Transamerica Trail all the way to Kentucky.

As you ride though this land, you can't help but wonder if the locals ever get used to it, the same we we might get used to crossing the Howard Frankland and not even noticing how beautiful Tampa Bay is.

Makes me think about all the blessings God has placed in our lives, and how often we can get complacent in the way we show and understand our joy and gratitude.

Lesson for me: I shouldn't have to wait til I'm blown away by the new things in my life to remember how God has already blessed me. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.


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